Do you happen to own a Bengal cat and ever wonder what would be the best toys for it? I know I have. Even if you own another cat breed, you might want to read this as well. After some research and testing, I’ve learned many interesting things that may surprise you. That is why, in this article, I’m going to present the best toys for Bengal cats.

10 Awesome Toys

The most interesting toys that your Bengal will ACTUALLY play with are:

The Cat Amazing game and puzzle box can keep your Bengal cat or kitten occupied for hours!

The puzzle box is designed to encourage your pet’s natural behaviors of exploration, scenting, and scratching in order to discover a hidden food reward. There are three levels of difficulty to challenge your clever Bengal as his skills improve!
You can use the puzzle box with your Bengal’s favorite treats, catnip, toys, or crinkle balls. Alternatively, this ingenious toy can be used as a puzzle feeder, helping to promote slower eating in greedy cats.

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

If your cat loves chasing balls, this tower with three levels and three colorful balls will mesmerize them. Apart from offering your spoiled kitty triple the fun as the more basic, one-ball models, it’s also suitable for multiple cats.  A new twist on the classic toy, Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy will entertain even the most energetic kittens and adult cats equally. There is definitely something magic about these cute balls, as cats can’t seem to stop swatting them around!

GoCat Da Bird

A modern version of the classic favorite, GoCat Da Bird is a realistic feather toy that is bound to captivate your furry friend. With the feathers that have the feel, appearance and the sound of real bird wings, this interactive cat toy is a perfect fit for Bengal cats which have a strong hunter instinct. This is the Easy to Store version of the Da Bird teaser, which means that the rod pulls apart and takes much less space than it usually would. And, when you have a spoiled little Bengal, you need as much space for their toys as you can get!

Play Tunnel

A toy that'll keep them entertained and can also be a lil nook to hang out in? Why not?! 🙂

PetSafe Bolt – Laser Pointer Cat Toy

Laser pointers are one of the most reliable cat toys you can buy–just be careful not to point the light in kitty's eyes!

The Ripple Rug Play Mat

Although a brownish rug with holes certainly doesn’t look like anything special, in feline eyes it’s a remarkable toy with endless possibilities. Consisting of two non-fray, safe polyester carpets, this interactive cat toy can be a perfect spot for your Bengal cat to hone its hunting skills, take a nap, or just play hide and seek! The ripples can be arranged in an infinite number of different combinations, and the thermally insulated, non-slip material is both pleasant to cats and easy to maintain. However, consider yourself warned: your Bengal with sticky paws will definitely hide your prized possessions in The Ripple Rug as soon as you get it!

Fashion's Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack for Kitty 20 Pieces

The Fashion's Talk cat toy variety pack includes 20 pieces and this is the #1 brand available at Amazon. There are plenty of options with these toys and something in the batch is sure to keep your Bengal cat busy.

A Toy Mat That Taps Into Hunting Instincts –

This scratcher has bell balls inside which makes it even more fun when it is time for your kitty to get his or her scratches in. It is made of paper that is non-toxic and corrugated, so cats can sink their claws into this biodegradable and eco-friendly toy.

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit

The Hot Pursuit cat toy engages your cat’s hunting instincts with moving lights and a hidden wand that mimics the movements of prey. The battery-operated toy has various speed settings to keep your cat entertained, and it’s backed by over 11,000 five-star reviews.

One cat owner’s take: “This interactive toy is absolutely perfect for my two active Bengals! They love pouncing on the arm as it moves around under the covering. They prefer the faster setting. The material is durable and easy enough to flip back over.”

Catnip Toys

Bengal cats go crazy for just about any toy that’s filled with catnip. It’s actually the smell of catnip that makes them go crazy. You can find many toys that are filled with catnip; however after some time, the catnip will start to lose its scent, so get a bunch of them at a time and store some for later. You can also use catnip on places such as your cat’s bed or a scratching post to attract their attention.