About Us

Nives Čipić
Nives Čipić
As I have been in constant contact with animals, especially cats, since early childhood, so has my love for these wonderful creatures grown from year to year. It is thanks to this love that I decided to breed an exotic species of Bengal cats. Bengal cats enchanted me with their beauty, intelligence and wonderful character. Therefore, every new kitten is a great joy and pleasure when I make new owners happy with this elegant exotic and intelligent beauty.

Mrs Boa
Mrs BoaThs real Boss
Boa is the
second cat in our house. She is spayed cat. As a cross between Turkish Angora and Maine Coon, we get a feline character that gives us a cat that mostly sleeps half its life. She is a doctor in house, and will always find your painful spot without mistake. Her favourite activity is “eat, sleep – repeat”.
Marin Zidar
Marin Zidar
If you really want something, nothing in life will stop you from doing it. The story is the same with these beautiful cats. You don’t need a farm or huge cages to breed Bengal cats. All you need is love, will and mutual understanding. This is not a job, this is pure passion. That's why I'm successful at it.
We share every beautiful moment, we are together even when it’s hard. But what binds us remains, and that is priceless.

Mr Kain
Mr KainModel, Actor, First Bengal
Kain is our first Bengal cat. Sterilized cat. With its beauty and character, it has become the reason why we decided to develop this beautiful breed of cat. In addition, he is our main model in every photo and video and simply enjoys being in front of the camera. His favourite sport, when he is not acting in front of camera, is observing birds in the yard.


Each of our breeding Bengals were chosen specifically for their unique traits and to enhance the amazing Bengal breed characteristics.

All of our Bengal cats and kittens are purebred and registered with TICA (The International Cat Association)

We hope to add to our program every year and would love to have you join our extended Bengal family!