About Black Ace Bengal Cattery

We are a small family of Bengal lovers located in Zagreb, Croatia, who decided to spread our passion into developing high quality, healthy and beautiful wild looking Bengal line. All of our Bengal Cats are TICA registered.
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Developing bengals is a mix of passion and vision. Our vision is focused on several key points to breed the perfect bengal cat and we do it with a passion. Allow us to share what we consider as a perfect bengal cat we personally develop:

Health – As bengals are hybrids, we carefully pick parents and heritage to develop top healthy kittens

Bengal temperament – Not only an amazing look but intelligence is what bengals should be. This makes bengals beyond other cats, what owners start to realise from a very first day if having bengals as part of their family.

Wild look is a mix of amazing athlete body and remarkable head typical for bengals.

Most wild looking part of our bengals is their white belly, which together with other features makes them look perfect.

Breeding is a passion, and we think that our passion fulfills our vision of a perfect bengal cat.

Each of our Bengals are tested routinely for all potential health problems. We do annual health screening for HCM (heart), FiV/FeLV (leukemia), PRA (blindness, PK-deficiency (anemia) and parasite testing. We also perform DNA testing on each of our Bengals to determine specific genetic traits that we can breed for.

Our bengal cats live at home with us, so they are affectionate and love human company. They can then pass these very important traits onto our kittens. Our kittens are expertly socialised from birth so have loving temperaments and make wonderful companions.

We are strong supporters of ethical breeding and also rescue and foster programs. So we will always advise you that before considering a purebred kitten, there are many priority rescue cats needing homes in your area. Thousands of cats and kittens are abandon each year – we like to see people choose carefully and commit to a life long friend and companion.

Bengal Kittens


Our bengal kittens are bred from quality lines for health and
temperament and raised with love.

All our kittens are from parents we regularly control for health every few months.

That is guarantee for you that kittens will be healthy and strong as they look, and is also a standard procedure when you develop specific line.


Our litters in 2022.


4 Boys and 1 Girl

Born 28.3.2022


Kittens from Chloe x Archibald

2 Girls and 2 Boys


Amazing Character of the Bengal Cat


Is the Bengal cat the right breed for you? Well, here’s the bottom line. Don’t get a Bengal if you’re looking for a sweet, gentle lap cat. This is not a delicate cat. The Bengal cat is a long, muscular, athletic, medium to large sized cat. This is a highly active and athletic cat with the grace of a jungle cat. Because of their high intelligence and wild ancestry, Bengal cats tend to have some strange behavioral quirks.

The Bengal cat has a very lush, soft coat and distinct leopard-like spots. The coat is sometimes referred to as “glittered” because it can have an iridescent shine. The coat can be spotted, marbled, bull’s eye or rosette. The preferred colors are black or brown spotted, or black or brown marbled.

This cat can move quietly and with great stealth. The back legs are slightly longer than the front legs, so the hind end sits a little higher than the shoulders, which lends to this breed’s wild appearance.

The Bengal cat is the result of breeding a small, wild Asian leopard cat with a domestic shorthair. Jean S. Mill began the Bengal cat breeding program in 1963. Today, Bengals are considered to be one and the same with domestic cats, and they should be at least four generations removed from any ancestors with wild bloodlines. The International Cat Association granted the breed experimental status in 1983, followed by full recognition in 1991.



Bengal Cat Personality, Temperament and Traits


The Bengal cat may not be the cat for everyone – especially not for first-time cat owners. The Bengal cat personality makes this cat fun to live with, but he can sometimes be challenging. The Bengal cat is very friendly. He is always alert and he notices everything. The Bengal cat is extremely intelligent, curious and active, and demanding of a lot of interaction.

When a Bengal cat gets bored, he can get into things and become destructive. He can take things apart to see how they work, and he can even open draws and cabinets to see what he can find. Be sure to hide your jewelry from your Bengal cat because he loves to take things and hide them.

The Bengal cat personality is playful, so keep your Bengal cat entertained. He enjoys playing games and likes a good game of fetch. Give the Bengal cat a good puzzle toy that will challenge his intelligence and he’ll be hooked! Bengals also like learning tricks. You should reward them with treats when they learn a trick or master a new puzzle game. Bengal cats also enjoy the attention they get from clicker training.

The Bengal cat loves water play. That means the Bengal might jump into the tub or shower with you, or swim alongside you in the swimming pool. A Bengal cat loves a running faucet. When drinking from his water bowl, a Bengal cat may dip his paw into the water and lick the water from his paw, and he may enjoy splashing the water out of his bowl. He will also enjoy a nice pet drinking fountain. Be wary of having an aquarium with a Bengal cat.

Bengal cats love to climb, and they need a lot of vertical territory. The higher up, the better – they can often be found perched at the highest reachable point in the home, wherever that may be. Cat trees are a very good diversion for a Bengal cat.

These highly intelligent cats are avid hunters and fishers. They love to catch fish and small animals.

The Bengal cat personality is very friendly. The Bengal can be an affectionate breed if he is raised properly. He is not a lap cat, but he enjoys human company and will stay close to his humans. Bengal cats love people and will do anything to get attention from them. Even if the Bengal cat figures out that you don’t like something he does, he will continue to do it again and again just to get your attention and to get you to interact with him. The Bengal cat personality is fond of children. Bengal cats enjoy playing games and interacting with energetic children.

Bengal cats are big talkers. This breed is very vocal and loves to talk to their humans.

All cats are different, but most Bengal cats will get along well with other pets, including dogs. Bengal cats can be territorial, so if you want to have more than one cat it is a good idea to get the cats at the same time.





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