It’s well known that cats are always looking for a place with a nice view to enjoy the sunshine. The Mewoofun cat window perch can provides a 360° Sunbath for your fur babies! Super easy to assemble with high quality materials, your cats will love it!

– Comfortable Tent Style Option: The perfect option if your kitty prefers privacy and a sense of extra security.
– Interactive Open Style Option: The ultimate freedom! Perfect if your Kitty is happy with an open window and provides you a better opportunity to interact with your pet.
– Easy to Install and Disassemble
– Strong Suction Cups hold up to 30LBs (13kg)
– Favourite Spot for Cats
– Safe and Durable Materials
– Rotary suction cups are designed for convenient removal.
– Three-layer screw nut suction cups enhance the bearing load.
– Space saving without taking up valuable space in your home.

– Clean the glass and suction cups before installation.
– Install the cat window perch and then adjust the position of the suction cup.
– Tighten each suction cup and press to make sure they are installed firmly.

Size: 24.02 x 14.96 x 14.96 inches; 3.25 / The Bed size is 6 inch *15 inch (42cm * 38cm).