Your cat’s sleeping position may reveal how your cat’s personality and how they feel  about you.

Cats are sensitive, lavable, but it can be hard to tell how they really feel. Even though some cats are very chatty, until they can talk we can’t fully understand them. This can be frustrating to dedicated pet parents. Cats dislike being followed or stared at so it’s hard to observe them. Unless they’re sleeping! And of course, cats can be especially cute while they sleep. The position your cat sleeps in says more than just, “I’m tired.” Here are some common sleeping positions you’ll no doubt catch your cat in and what they mean.

The Curled Up Cat (Cat croissant)

This is a very loved cat sleeping position. Your cat cozily nestled with her tail circling her body, and her head tucked into her chest—it’s the quintessential cat present!
It is one of the most well-known cat sleeping positions. Outside in the wild, this position conserves body heat and protects their vital organs so it’s a very instinctual position. It shows your cat never forgets their regal past as lone hunters.

A Cat in a Box (if I fit…I sit or sleep!)

There are few things as Instagram worthy and loved as a cat in a box. There’s no doubt, it’s charming but did you know it communicates something specific about your cat’s feeling of security and solace? Cats adore tiny spaces because they feel safe and secure inside them. Some cats like to crush the side of a box into a cushion and others cats just let themselves flow into and over a box.
Cats that live in dynamic homes with children and other pets may seek out tiny hidden containers to get some (much needed) undisturbed sleep and solitude! If your cat loves boxes it means they like the comforting security of a box to get a deep sleep.

A Cat in a Box


The Belly Up Cat (No modesty!)

A cat’s stomach is the most vulnerable area on their body. They would never expose themselves like this if they didn’t feel secure. In this position your cat is spread out with their legs pointed at irregular edges and their soft, fluffy paunch open to the ceiling. If you find your cat like this, consider it high praise from your cat!

It’s hard to resist grabbing the fluffy, rarely-seen warm belly but you must! Your cat is showing you immense trust, let them wake for a few minutes before going in for a loving belly rub. This sleeping position demonstrates they’re genuinely sure that no one will assault them.

The Belly Up Cat

The Cat Loaf (The fan favorite!)

People are amazed by this cats’ position. It’s dignified, regal, and maybe even a little judgey! But how could we blame them? It’s adorable and impressive to see them arrange themselves into a perfect tucked round loaf! This sleeping position means your cat isn’t going into a deep sleep and is likely very aware of everything around them. This position allows them to scramble to their feet quickly to chase a toy or run from annoyances.

The Cat Loaf

Paw over the face (Facepalm?)

Be still our beating hearts! In this position, your cat’s dramatic side comes out as she covers her face with one or both paws. It’s too precious but is your cat trying to tell you something?
This sleeping position can indicate your cat needs her space. Her paws are her “do not disturb” sign and she’s using them to block you, noise and even bright light. So while it’s tots ador, respect your cat’s sleep. Maybe she needs a kitty sleeping mask!

Paw over the face


Sleeping with their eyes half-shut (Happy face cat)

What it signifies: “Better believe it. I’m asleep….”
Your sweet, loving house cat may seem domesticated but don’t be fooled! Your cat is a predator on the most fundamental level.

Sleeping with their eyes half-shut

Cats need to be prepared to respond to whatever occurs around them quickly, so they fend off the desire to sleep and lay somewhere advantageous upwind where they can see everything. This is your cat as a house lion. They want anyone to see them as relaxed and sleeping but they’re very aware and awake. This sleeping position shows your cat is happy and feeling their feline wild side.

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