Cat trees are big (or, sometimes not-so-massive) structures that your cat can use for several purposes: scratching, lounging, and climbing. These are all activities that appeal to your cat’s instincts — that is, cats like to climb and scratch and a cat tree provides a way for them to do it without leaving fur or claw marks on furniture. To make the cat tree even more appealing, set it up so it has a view (preferably out a window, so your cat can gaze upon the neighborhood birdies).

The 13 Best Cat Trees of 2023

1. Catry Cat Tree with Feather Toy 

2. PetPals 23″ Cat Tree

3.Vesper V-High Base 48″ Cat Tree

4. PetPals 20″ Cat Tree

5. LAZY BUDDY Cat Tree

6. Modern Wood Cat Tree for large cats

7.PEQULTI 58 Inches Multi-Level Cat Tree

8. Tangkula Modern Wood Cat Tree

9.The Refined Feline 69″ Lotus Cat Tower


11.PetPals 49″ Cat Condo

12. Majestic Pet 48″ Luxe Modern Cat Tree Condo

13. Best Multiple Cats