So you’ve made the decision to get a Bengal kitten? First of all, congratulations! Bengals are a beautiful, intelligent breed and your new feline friend is sure to bring you much joy. Now you’ve made the decision to get a Bengal cat, you might be wondering what you’re going to need for them. Here we take a closer look at the breed and discuss what items you’ll need for them.

The Bengal Breed

Wild Cat – The Bengal’s bloodline comes from the Asian leopard cat mixed with the domestic cat. They have inherited many of their wild ancestors traits, making them a truly unique pet to own. Depending on their generation (F1 are most closely related to their Asian Leopard heritage, with F2 being a generation down and F3 one down further) Bengals will show a certain amount of adventurousness – the closer to an F1 they are, the more boisterous they might be!

Chatty Cats – Bengals are renowned for being vocal.  One of the breeds involved in the initial breeding of the Bengal was the Siamese which are known for their chatty nature. Bengals often like to “talk” to their owners… and aren’t too keen on being ignored!

Hunters –  All cats have a natural hunting instinct, but it is particularly strong in the Bengal breed. They are among the most active and successful hunters of all domestic cat breeds. If your Bengal is going to be an indoor cat , which many are, you might want to provide plenty of interaction for them.

Bengal Cat Shopping List:

Cat Bed

Offering your cat their own space for nap time is a good idea – they may well find a spot on the windowsill or back of an armchair that they like too, but giving them a cat bed of their own offers them a place to retreat to if they want their space. Every cat is different, some more social than others; some cats will choose to sit on or next to you, others will slink off somewhere quiet. A hooded cat bed is a nice option as it offers the privacy that many cats crave.

Cat Litter Tray & Accessories

A must for all cats, especially indoor cats, a good quality litter tray and litter is essential. We like the hooded trays as cats tend to like their privacy. We also recommend a clumping litter which allows you to scoop out the waste without fully emptying the tray. It can cost more upfront, but a bag will last much longer, therefore saving in the long-run.

Scratch Tree – A tall, tall scratch tree!

As we’ve mentioned, Bengals are an active, energetic breed and they’ll need plenty of places to climb and exercise, especially as they are more likely to be kept indoors. A tall scratch tree with plenty of platforms is a really good idea as well as some wall mounted platforms. If you have room for something like this in various rooms around the house it will help ensure your cat has plenty of chance for exercise and keep boredom levels low. They may even make one of the platforms their bed, as cats enjoy being high up.

Food and Water Bowls

You will need cat bowls or saucers for their food and water. If you can, offer both dry and wet food as well as water. We’d suggest keeping dry food available all day for them to graze on and then give them a wet food meal once or twice a day. Always make sure they have access to water too, whether that’s a cat drinking fountain or a normal bowl.

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Bengal kitten

Lots of Cat Toys!!

Keeping your Bengal entertained will be a full time job! Ensure they have plenty of toys of various types to keep them occupied. Something to hunt and chase as well as something more interactive will ensure they don’t get bored and keep them mentally stimulated.

The Catit Senses 2.0 range of toys is ideal for active indoor cats as the various pieces available can be slotted together in different layouts to create an interactive cat activity centre. There are a number of different sets – you could buy one or two for when they’re a kitten and then keep adding more as they grow older. Change the layouts regularly to keep your cat coming back for more!

Catit Senses 2.0 Activity Toys and Accessories

Cat Carrier

You’ll need a carrier to transport your cat home and also for vet visits and any other time they may need to travel. If you’ll only need it for short journeys then a fabric carrier may be sufficient. If you are likely to go on longer car journeys then a hard bodied carrier such those by Catit which are car, train and airline approved will be a better option. Safety is paramount and investing in a carrier with more features is highly recommended.

Pet Calming Products

These aren’t necessarily an essential, but some kind of calming product might just help your new arrival settle in more quickly. All pets can suffer from nerves in various situations – moving house, noisy situations such as bonfire night or halloween etc. Pet Remedy have this sorted with their all natural range of calming sprays, plug-in diffusers and wipes.

Bengal kitten

Cat Harness & Lead

Again, this isn’t necessarily an essential, but many people do choose to train their indoor cat on a harness and lead. If you introduce the harness to them whilst they’re a kitten, they should take to it quite quickly. It’s a nice idea to get indoor cats outside for a bit of exercise in a controlled way without the risk of them running off. A little venture out is sure to appeal to your Bengal’s adventuress nature!

Do make sure they have all their inoculations before you take them out though and ensure they have been treated for fleas.

Cat Grooming Products

Bengals are a short haired breed and so only minimal grooming will be necessary. They have a shallow, low-lying coat which tends to shed very little. They are likely to be able to take care of their own grooming, but a light brush once or twice a week will offer valuable bonding time for you and your pet and also help reduce shedding.

We hope you find our Bengal Shopping List helpful. This isn’t a definitive list, but rather a collection of the things we think will most suit this breed in particular. Do have a good browse of the other cat accessories in our online shop. We have a plethora of lovely things that will appeal to cats of all breeds.

If you have any questions about any off the items suggested do get in touch. We’re here to help in any way we can!

Bengal kitten